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the 2 most powerful words you can use in conflict navigation

how to shift your posture so you can have those

tough conversations you've been avoiding

how to adjust if you're not getting the results you want

and much, much, more

What's Inside the 10 Day

Communication Challenge?

10 Days of Emails Created to Help You Have Better

Communication with Everyone… Every Time

  • After Day 1, you'll understand what better communication is!
  • Day 2 gives you insight into which of your relationships to focus on first.
  • On Day 3, you'll discover one of Susie's secret skills you can apply instantly for better communication.
  • After Day 4, you'll be prepared to handle those tough conversations you've been avoiding using Susie's simple posture shift.
  • On Day 5, Susie will share 2 invaluable resources that will help you communicate better beyond the 10 Day Communication Challenge.
  • On Day 6, you'll get a small homework assignment that will help you communicate in ways you didn't even know you wanted to communicate!
  • On Day 7, Susie will share what to do if you're trying but things aren't quite going how you'd like.
  • On Day 8, you'll find the 2 most powerful words to help you become a skilled conflict navigator.
  • After Day 9, you'll know the "secret sauce" to effective communication, regardless of the subject matter.
  • On Day 10, you'll celebrate your communication victories along with Susie!

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About Susie

Susie Miller is a Communication & Relationship Expert, dedicated to helping individuals and businesses reduce stress, improve communication, and increase productivity and profits. As an author, speaker, and catalyst for growth, Susie consults and trains on people skills, resilience, and leadership to help high achievers win at work and succeed in life.

Susie has been featured in major news outlets including Forbes, Huff Post, Fox News, Entrepreneur, NPR and more. She is the bestselling author of Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less! which offers practical advice & actionable steps to quickly improve your personal and professional relationships!